"See To Believe" Blue Light Blocker Glasses

"See To Believe" Blue Light Blocker Glasses



High Quality, Big Square Frames with Soft Case

Protect your eyesight in style! Our See to Believe Blue Light Glasses will defend your eyes against digital screens like computers, smart phones, TVs, and tablets. Did you know that the average Americans spend
s at least 7 hours in front of a screen a day? Holy moly that's a lot of blue light! Prevent your eyes from straining while looking super cute at the same time.

What are the benefits of blue light glasses?
Blue light glasses protect your eyes from harmful blue light, potentially reducing your chances of damaging your eyes. There is evidence to indicate blue light glasses can reduce headaches and migraines caused by these harmful rays (symptoms of digital eye strain), as well as improve your sleep. 

- High quality big square frame made of Tr90

- Anti-radiation eye protection

- Blue light blocking computer glasses